Making an Appointment:

After setting the appropriate appointment, you will receive a welcome package that includes a detailed medical history form and other important information about us. Please take the time to carefully fill out the medical history form and bring it with you to your appointment. Let us know if you need to take any medication before we work on your teeth; the more we know, the better we can care for you.

Your First Appointment:

On your first visit, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to give us your medical history information.  Our new patient co-ordinator will spend some time with you to find out how we can make your experience with us as comfortable as we can.

Child’s First Appointment:

We’ll introduce your child to our staff and do our best to make your youngster feel special and comfortable. After this meeting, we’ll visually examine your child’s teeth and encourage him or her to come back soon for a cleaning. We’ll show your little one the “special toothbrush” we use. If your child still has baby teeth, we’ll be happy to set up this important first visit.

We’re committed to making your child’s dental visits as pleasant as possible. If your child has any special concerns, please let us know.

Infection Control:

Your health and welfare are important to us. We take every necessary step to safeguard your health during an examination or other dental work in our office.

We strictly comply with all recommended infection control procedures – we wear gloves, masks and protective eyewear. We also follow rigorous cleaning, disinfection and sterilization protocols.

If you have any questions about our infection control procedures, please ask us. We’ll be more than happy to tell you about the steps we take to protect you!


We’d like to see you every six months to keep your teeth in top condition. No matter how well you brush and floss, we must professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque build-up. We also spot the early stages of gum disease and start treatments before you have serious problems.

It’s easy to forgot about regular dental check-ups, but they’re exactly what you need for good dental health. So, for your health and convenience, we’ll automatically set up an appointment for you very six months. We want to keep you smiling!