Patients of all ages utilize our orthodontic treatments in their quest for straighter teeth and the perfect smile.  We work closely with our patients to determine the most successful and effective treatment plan for them.  It is our goal that all of our patients receive the highest level of pain free orthodontic care using the most up to date, advanced technology possible including invisalign. Schedule your appointment today and start the road to a better smile.

Teeth Whitening


Braces are used to help straighten and keep aligned teeth and overall bite. Dental braces are often used with other types of orthodontic devices to help ensure the overall dental health of the patient. There are several different types of braces options available.

Invisalign is the newest, most modern approach to straightening teeth. Teeth are gradually realigned using a series of custom aligners made of comfortable and virtually invisible plastic. Aligners are replaced every two weeks and the length of the treatment plans are tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient.



Porcelain Veneers

Headgear & Facemasks

Dental Headgear is used to help keep braces in place via the use of metal hooks, elastic bands, and cap anchors. The main purpose is to help slow the growth of the upper jaw to prevent overbite. Facemasks are another type of restraint used for treating reverse overjets, in which the top jaw is not forward enough.

Retainers are normally made of clear plastic or wires and are used to hold teeth in specific positions after a surgery or some type of alignment procedure has been performed. They are custom made for each patient and can be worn during the day or at night.

Porcelain Lumineers